The Band

Nicola Bottini : Electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Marco Bottini : Bass guitar, vocals
Stefano Cocorullo : Piano, organ, accordion, keyboards, vocals
Andrea Unali : Drums, vocals


The band is from Genova (Italy) and has been founded in April 1990 by Nicola and Marco Bottini, playing respectively guitar and bass and both singing.

Andrea Unali joined the band on drums in 1991 followed in fall 1992 by the pianist Stefano Cocorullo.

In 1995 Andrea left the band and Enrico Tixi took his place, and 1997 the final line-up is completed with the guitarist Marcello Dondero.

With these members the band reached a great feeling and developed its own sound which led to the production, between 1998 and 2008, of 3 CDs containing original songs and a few covers.

During all these years the band performed both in Italy and abroad in pubs, festivals, motorbike meetings and theaters.

A couple of notable events saw the Used Cars opening for Alvin Lee at Motorock (Cremona) in May 2000 and for the legendary band America when they played in Genova in March 2004.

Nicola moved to Sweden in 2012 but the band keeps going on with its activity despite the distance.

The same year Enrico left the band, so Andrea Unali, who in the past years helped the band in many occasions, became part of the band again.

In 2015 Marcello decided to leave the band as well.

The music played is American Rock, inspired by musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Mellencamp.


The band recorded its first CD "Used Cars" during winter 1998, it contains 9 original songs and 2 covers.

A second CD, "Big River's Brothers", again containing 9 original songs plus two covers, has been released in 2001.

On December 2008 the band released another album called "Lifetime Warranty" with 12 original songs.

New songs are currently being developed, some are already being played live and a new CD is in progress.

All songs are written in english and the albums are self-produced and printed in 1000 copies (the first one has been re-printed in 300 copies).